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We have computed the very first chosen-prefix collision for SHA-1. To put it in another way: all attacks that are practical on MD5 are now also practical on SHA-1.

We have reduced the cost of a collision attack from 2^64.7 to 2^61.2, and the cost of a chosen-prefix collision attack from 2^67.1 to 2^63.4.

Demo: The legacy branch of GnuPG (version 1.4) is vulnerable. We have created two PGP keys with different UserIDs and colliding certificates.

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Stop wrapping your website in Electron and calling it an app challenge twenty twenty

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The French government switched to Matrix, the German government evaluates free, open and federated messaging solutions, Nextcloud Talk became a great Slack replacement, public authorities in Germany consider a mass exodus from Twitter & Co after EuGH ruling, next stop Mastodon... Seems like we have both, the (political) momentum and the technology to make 2020 a great year for the free & open internet!
#Matrix #XMPP #Nextcloud #Mastodon #Germany #France

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Over the last few days we've had constant requests to respond to's 'The ecosystem is moving' blog post & recent 36c3 talk - we've tried to articulate Matrix's viewpoint over at

Found this excellent interactive intro to game theory today!

The Evolution of Trust

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Dennis boosted and its services will be shut down on March 31st of 2020.

End of an era, I guess.

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A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record
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Observation: between Dec 24th and Jan 1st, every single day feels like a lazy Sunday.

Then it's suddenly January 2nd and reality hits real badly.

Auch ein schönes Beispiel, passt zu meinen persönlichen Erfahrungen. Offenbar ist bei der Bahn die Synchronisation verschiedener System noch immer weit entfernt.

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The rumours are true, we are working on a mobile app.

- Snap, Caption, Post

- No timelines, only for posting

- Only works with Pixelfed

- Android and iOS versions

- Will continue to support 3rd party APIs

Beta version due out next year! #pixelfed

Heute mal wieder Deutsche Bahn...

Defekte Anzeigen kennt man ja aber "23"??? Spooky...

Heute mal wieder Deutsch Bahn...

* diesmal 5 von 7 Toiletten defekt

Vielleicht sollte die Bahn beginnen Windeln im Bordshop zu verkaufen...

Und natürlich nun in Köln der Zug defekt, und Weiterfahrt verspätet sich.

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